BrushlyX -Disposable Cleaning Brush

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Variants: BrushlyX Set+ FREE 6pcs Scouring Pad

Do you dread the sight of dirty sponges and brushes that harbor bacteria and germs?

Researchers found 362 different species of bacteria in sponges, and 45 billion bacteria per square centimeter.

That means, part of your kitchen sponge could have as much bacteria as the inside of a toilet. That is gross, but also dangerous. You don't wanna clean your dishes with that do you?

The USDA recommends that you try to clean your sponges daily, but even that is not a perfect solution. 

Dishwashing or microwaving your kitchen sponges seems like unreliable solutions to the problem. You need to make sure there are no metallics or certain synthetics before microwaving or they will catch on fire. You also need to make sure it is damp because a dry sponge is also highly flammable. On the other hand, if you wish to machine dishwash your sponge you need to make sure that is it set on the highest heat setting possible which will consume plenty of energy, otherwise no bacteria will be killed.

Unfortunately, either way, even with daily cleaning, sponges still harbor significant amounts of bacteria. The best solution? Ditch the conventional kitchen sponge altogether.

Is there a better way? 

Dont worry there is a better way to keep your kitchenware sparkling clean without harming your health or the environment. This is why we created BrushlyX: the revolutionary kitchen brush that comes with disposable scouring pads that make dishwashing a breeze. You’ll never look at your kitchen brush the same way again.

Why Choose BrushlyX?

✓ Effortless pad replacement

✓ Stylish and functional design

✓ Smart drainage system for hygiene

✓ Eco-friendly and disposable pads

✓ Can be used for dishwashing, surface scrubbing, or toilet cleaning

Included in The Package: 

1x BrushlyX Unit

1x BrushlyX Smart Brush

6x Free Scouring Pads

Clean Dishes, Clear Conscience. 

Minimalist Design

BrushlyX has a sleek and minimalist design of white and dark blue that gives an aesthetic of cleanliness and functionality. It is small in size, but contains different compartments for your convenience.

Effortless Pad Replacement

The genius is in the details! The ergonomic handle with an integrated storage box allows you to easily grab a new scouring pad, ensuring your BrushlyX is always ready for action. With a capacity for up to 6 pads at once, you'll never run out of cleaning power.

Great Capacity

BrushlyX has an additional 2 trays on top of the unit, one strainer to pump out the filled in cleaning liquid for an easy reach and pumping motion, and another tray to act as an additional storage space for 1-2 more pads to quickly get a new one to reach for.

Smart Drainage System

Our thoughtful design includes a built-in drain tray, preventing stagnant water and promoting quick drying. Hang your BrushlyX on the convenient hook handle or leave it in the tray to dry if you decide to reuse the same pad - the choice is yours!

High Standard of Hygiene and Cleanliness

BrushlyX helps you maintain a high standard of hygiene and cleanliness in your kitchen. You reduce the risk of spreading germs and bacteria from your dishes to your food and your family. You also enjoy a fresh and pleasant dishwashing experience every time.

Simply clean your dishes with one scouring pad and then toss it away. This way, you avoid using the same dirty and contaminated sponge or brush over and over again.