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Color: Black

Experience the essence of elegance and illumination with The Gatelux Lamp. Its captivating gate-inspired design, adorned delicately with gradient lines, beckons you to explore its hidden charm.

With intuitive touch dimming and integrated Bluetooth speakers, this lamp offers a multi-sensory experience, perfect for elevating your ambiance with both light and sound. 

Bluetooth Connectivity

Play your favourite music wirelessly from your phone, tablet, or other devices with its state-of-the-art, built-in 5.0 Bluetooth speaker

Set The Mood

The intelligent touch dimming function makes adjusting brightness a breeze. Its radiant light creates a warm, calming atmosphere, and you can adjust it with a simple tap of the finger. Experience the max brightness of The Gatelux when you open the gate's door.

Try it for yourself.

72-Hour Battery Life

Charge The Gatelux using a USB cable, making it easy to provide power wherever you go. The long-lasting, up to 72 hours battery capacity (depends on the brightness) ensures that you can enjoy music and lighting for a long time The Gatelux is always ready for your next adventure.

The Perfect Gift

This innovative lamp is an excellent gift for family and friends. It is very suitable for those who love music and want to add a sense of inviting glow and wonder to their space.


A conversation starter with every glance

Elevate your home decor with the captivating Gatelux Lamp, a true masterpiece that seamlessly marries elegance and illumination. Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, this lamp is more than just a lighting solution – it's a statement piece that transforms any space into a realm of sophistication and wonder.

The focal point of the Gatelux Lamp is its exquisite gate-inspired design. The central gate, delicately adorned with gradient lines, beckons you to explore its hidden charm. With the gentle touch of your hand, the gate doors gracefully swing open, revealing a radiant core of light that bathes your surroundings in a warm and inviting glow.

Adding to its allure, the Gatelux Lamp boasts an intuitive touch dimming feature. Simply adjust the light intensity to suit your mood, effortlessly transforming your ambiance from vibrant to tranquil. The integration of a Bluetooth speaker elevates the experience further, allowing you to infuse your space with melodies that resonate perfectly with the atmosphere you desire.

Designed for versatility, the Gatelux Lamp finds its place as an artful addition to your bedside, an enchanting accent for your living room, or a conversation starter in your workspace. Its USB rechargeable functionality ensures continuous 72 hours of beauty and brilliance without the hassle of frequent battery changes.

The Gatelux Lamp: Where every glance is met with awe, and every touch is an invitation to experience elegance and illumination like never before.


12cm width x 20cm height

Bluetooth Version


Frequency Range

100-20,000 Hz

Number of Speakers




Input Power


Output Power


Battery Type

Rechargeable Built-in lithium

Battery Capacity

1200 mA

Battery Life

4.5 to 72 hours (depends on the brightness)

Brightness Levels


Included in the box

1 The Gatelux

1 USB-C charging cable

1 Instructions manual

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