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The Interlock Vase, a stunning addition to any home decor. This modern design vase is perfect for those looking for an aesthetic touch in their living space. The flower vase snuggle design is unique, resembling a romantic couple hugging tightly together full of love, signifying mutual dependence.

Crafted from 100% ceramic, the Interlock Vase is handmade of clay and features a frosted feel with a matte finish on the surface, adding a trendy and cute touch to your home decor. This off-white ceramic vase set of 2 is perfect for your bathroom decor, kitchen decor, living room decor, farmhouse decor, bookshelf decor, and more.

This vase is versatile and can be used to display pampas grass, feathers, dried flowers, fake flowers, faux flowers, or any other decor items you prefer. Place this white ceramic vase on your table centerpieces, bookshelf, entryway, fireplace, or any other location, and watch as it transforms the room into an artistic haven.