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The Reflecta Alarm Clock is the perfect addition to your bedroom!

With its large LED digital display, reading the time, humidity and temperature has never been easier. Plus, with the projection function, you can project the time onto your wall or ceiling with adjustable focus, 3-level projection brightness, and a 180° rotation feature.

This clock also has an automatically light-adjusting mode, so the projection brightness can be adjusted according to indoor brightness. With the FM radio function, you can manually set the station or use the automatic search function. The dual alarm clock function allows you to set two alarms at different times, and even has a snooze mode.

Check the real-time temperature display with the indoor thermometer function, and choose between the 12H/24H modes. Adjust the brightness of the screen manually with 4 levels of display brightness. Plus, the screen is special progressed which can be used as a makeup mirror.

Finally, the clock also has a built-in power off memory function, so you don't have to worry about resetting the time after a power outage. Wake up in style and never miss an important appointment with the Reflecta!

Style: White on Black